Location Map

Why Belfast Central?

  • Belfast named one of its Best of the World Must-See Places for 2012 " National Geographic Traveler".
  • Enjoy living the Irish culture.
  • Located in the heart of Belfast – University Street, where you can visit and learn about the most prestigious universities in Europe including Queen's University.
  • Take advantage of extensive facilities.
  • Discover Northern Ireland culture and cultural events.

School features

  • Well- equipped and furnished classrooms
  • Wi-Fi and computer lab
  • Study room with brand-new computers for students' use
  • Kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities
  • Dining area
  • Small garden

Highlights of Belfast social programme

  • Excursions to famous Northen Ireland landmarks and historical sites including Northen Ireland Coast and Explore the Titanic Quarter, home to the Titanic Experience useum, and see the shipyards and slipways where these iconic White Star Line ships were built.
  • Full day excursion to Dublin.
  • Nights out to famous restaurants and cafes.
  • Visits to famous museums, festivals and most importantly the magnificent Northern Ireland shows: Irish Dancing at Madden.

Meet the Principal

  • We know that learning a new language can be demanding, but we also believe it can be stimulating and fun. When you study with us, it is about the whole experience that continues outside the classroom, and we have many choices in accommodation and social activities to suit your website needs.

    Paul McMullan